WORKOUT: The Abeni 10

If you want to shape up you must face the reality that you are going to have amp up your exercise regiment to drop the weight that inches on the body over time. I have put together a program that anyone can do inside 15 minutes. By moving through the circuit quickly you will burn calories, sculpt muscles and feel the way that is only possible by the increase of naturally occurring endorphins in the body. Let’s get started.

If you have any health concerns, see a physician before beginning any rigorous training program. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes to reduce possible overexertion and slippage resulting in poor footwear. Make sure to have cool water by your side to hydrate as needed. Rest as needed. You can perform exercises with or without hand weights. The size of poundage depends on your fitness level and goals. For beginners, I suggest 3-5 lbs, Intermediate 7-15 lbs and advanced 20+ lbs. *Please note the poundage refers to each hand weight.


The Abeni 10 is a group of exercises that when done in conjunction produces a cardio effect by raising the resting heart rate, toning the muscles of the legs, arms, core and back improving core strength and improving flexibility, endurance and strength. You can do this set of exercises in very little physical space. Time should not be an inhibitor because you will burn between 250 and 400 calories by doing The Abeni 10 within a 10 to 15 minute timeframe.

You will perform each exercise for 1 minute:

1. Marching in Place increases your core body temperature and warms your muscles for more intense moves later.

2. Jumping Jacks provide a greater increase in cardiovascular training while aligning your posture, toning shoulders, back, core and legs, particularly the calves.

3. Weighted Squats keeps the heart pumping because of the large amount of blood that is required to support the lower body doing this kind of work. The added benefit is increased calorie burn. To do this exercise properly separate legs a little more than shoulder width of the body and bend knees to lower body while keeping back straight.

4. Weighted Lunges (Right leg) Simply stand in a wide-squat and turn torso and knees to the right side of the body. Keep the back straight as you drop the front knee down at a 45 degree angle. Make sure knees do not go over toes.

5. Weighted Lunges (Left leg) same as above, but turn body to the left side.

6. Jump Rope or Down Out and Ups – You do not have to have a physical jump rope, but if you do the better. Down out and Ups is a military drill that increases cardio endurance and tones the entire body. If you have back problems either march in place or jump rope to get similar effects. To do this exercise 1. Stand straight up 2. Bend down and touch floor with hands to support body 3. Press legs behind you in plank position 4. Bring knees back to number 2 position 5. Stand up. (To increase intensity give a small hop as you stand) Immediately repeat exercise for duration of time.

7. Push Ups tone the shoulders, chest, back, and core. To do a correct Push Up simply lie down on stomach, put hands beside chest, tuck toes to support body and lift by pushing up with hands. To modify this movement once in plank position drop knees to ground with knees bent, bottoms of feet parallel to the ceiling. Do not cross legs as this results in mal-alignment of skeletal structure.

8. Abs Crossovers/Bicycles have been rated the top abdominal exercise by the American Sports and Fitness Association because it recruits every muscle group within the core area. To do this lie on back with hands behind head and knees lifted in a 45 degree angle, bring the right elbow to left knee as right leg extends straight – then switch to other side. Immediately repeat exercise for duration of time.

9. Vertical Leg Lifts strengthens core to include lower back. While lying on back place hands underneath the small of the back for support, lift legs to a 90 degree angle and then lower down to 6-12 inches from the ground. Immediately repeat exercise for duration of time.

10. T-twist/Saw cools the body and provides additional toning to the shoulders and back while stretching the back and legs. Stand to your feet, separate legs in wide stance bring arms out in a T – form, with right hand turn torso to reach for left toe and then stand and turn to left side. If you have back problems simply sit with legs out stretched and shoulder length apart, raise arms in T – form and alternate from right to left as you reach for toes in seated position.

Of course you may repeat this grouping of exercises continually while adding variations of your choice. The Abeni 10 works because it allows you to exercise in short, intense bursts (interval training) for effective fat burning after exercise and over time you can increase the amount of resistance/strength/weight training you do, to build more lean muscle. Keep in mind that muscle is ‘metabolically active’ and burns more calories than other body tissue even when you’re not moving. Last, Exercise is paramount for overall health to control weight, blood pressure and relieve stress, but it must be coupled with proper eating habits for long-term results. Remember: There are no quick fixes, but with determination you will reach your weight and physical goals.